Fully Automatic Membrane Filter Press

This machine is a tool used to separate solids and liquids.The separation process uses the principle of pressure drive, as provided by a automatic hydraulic machine. As for membrane, pressure produced by membrane inflating can further reduce water content of the filter cake.

Product Details


                   Items         Minimum Parameters         Maximum Parameters
Filter area200m2500m2
Filter chamber volume3.57m310.03m3
Size of filter plate1500mm*1500mm1500mm*1500mm
Thickness of filter cake25mm40mm
Qty of plates51127
Filtering temperature0℃80℃
Length of machine
Width of machine2.07m3.16m
Height of machine1.90m1.90m
Weight of machine13900kg25000kg


1.Reinforced polypropylene plate is moulded,applying several patented technologies.The plate is of smooth surface, high strength, light weight, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and 


2.The frame of filter press machine is welded with high strength steel. It has high strength, stable 

structure and long service life.

3.The maximum pressure of squeezing is 2.5MPa,high enough.This machine is an ideal equipment for separating solids and liquids from suspension.

4.The main girder rail surface of the machine is equipped with a once-formed anti-corrosion and wear-resistant stainless steel track.

5.For this machine,you can choose the following functions addtionally:

Automatic Plate Shifting System,

Automatic Cloth Washing System, 

Automatic Cloth Vibrating System(used in high viscosity and low gravity filter cake discharge, increasing cake discharge efficiency),

PLC Automatic Control System, etc.