Coordination between filter plate and filter cloth of filter press

- Apr 30, 2020-

As a filter cloth that is a must-have accessory for filter presses, it must be fully and precisely matched with the filter plate of the filter press to achieve the filtering effect of the equipment.


 Speaking of the filter plate of the filter press, the most profound impact on us is the space in which both sides are sunken inwards, and there are countless blind spots at the bottom, so that the empty space between the two filter plates forms the filter cavity of the device. It creates a space for the filtration of the filtration fluid in the operation of the equipment. However, only with the filter cavity equipment can not occur solid-liquid separation and filtration, then the interception of the filter cloth is required.

    Put the filter cloth between the two filter plates, let the filter cloth and the filter liquid directly contact the plate and frame filter press, you can intercept the solids of the filter liquid on the side where the filter liquid comes, and temporarily stay between the filter plates Between the filter chambers, liquids such as water in the filter fluid pass through the filter cloth and penetrate to one side of the filter cloth. Therefore, it can be seen that the device only has a filter cavity formed, and it still cannot send the filter function, and it needs the assistance of the filter cloth to take place.

    When there is only a filter cloth, the filtering effect can not happen. It is known that all the filter materials used in the filter equipment are made of fiber and clinker materials. It does not have the role of regulation, support, and shaping. Therefore, if the filter cloth is to produce its benefits, it must be attached to a shaped " Hard ".

    On the filter press equipment, if the filter cloth works normally, the filter plate needs to be tightly sandwiched between the filter plates, and it needs to be fixed on the edge of the filter plate with a drawstring, so that the filter cloth can be well It spreads into the filter cavity without displacement, and has a fixed effect. This shows that the filter cloth needs the support and fixation of the filter plate.

    It is worth mentioning that several filter plates under pressure, no matter how strong the pressure can not make the filter chamber achieve the ideal sealing effect, so the filter cloth between the filter plates also serves as a "seal ring" "This is the perfect match between the filter plate and the filter cloth.

Therefore, for the filter press to work, it must have a perfect fit between the filter plate and the filter cloth.