Correctly Adjust The Pressure Of Filter Press

- Apr 04, 2019-

In order to make the filter press achieve ideal filtering effect, it is essential to pay attention to the size of pressure. In the daily operation of equipment, many customers will pay attention to the changes of the filter press at any time, and then pay more attention to how to adjust the pressure of the filter press.


Whether we want to increase or decrease the pressure of the filter press equipment, we can use the following ways: for example, we can increase the clearance rate between the small holes, which can improve the filter speed of the filter press equipment, because it can reduce the impediment of filter cake of the filter press. In addition, we can also use some medicines to improve the performance of filter cake. We can also use temperature and pre-filtration to increase work efficiency. Temperature is to reduce the consistency, while pre-filtration is to reduce the thickness of filter cake. We can improve our efficiency by observing carefully and doing corresponding operations in our daily work.


To sum up, improving the filtration efficiency is closely related to the nature, structure and temperature of the filtrate. Considering the matching of the filter material and the filter press, it can effectively improve the processing speed and obtain good filtering effect.