Diaphragm filter press filter plate expansion system

- May 07, 2020-

Anyone who knows the filter press knows that the membrane filter press has a filter plate expansion system, which is different from other filter press equipment. Let me introduce you to the role of the expansion system below.

PP隔膜板剖面图.jpgXG1000橡胶隔膜 2    When the filter cake in the equipment is full of filter cake, the filter press will stop the separation work, because when this space is full of filter plates, the filter liquid will not be able to pass through the filter cake, so in this case, the device It will stop running, and will automatically close the feed inlet. At this time, the filter plate expansion system will start to work automatically.

        The work of the filter plate expansion system of the diaphragm filter press will first start the hydraulic pump and transfer the hydraulic oil to the filter plate. The amount of space between the filter plate and the filter plate will store these hydraulic oils. When the hydraulic oil reaches a certain When the volume is measured, the filter plate will start to expand outward, and the filter plate will squeeze to the filter cake when it expands outward. The filter cake will be compressed when it is pressed. This not only adds a position to the filter chamber, but also filters The moisture content of the cake is reduced.