Effect of Power System of Press Filter in Equipment

- Apr 25, 2019-

Nowadays, the most anticipated equipments in the market of filter press equipment are box filter press, plate and frame filter press, filter press, filter press and so on. Although these equipments have some differences in appearance, they have the same similarities. The power system is used when the equipment completes the filtration.


The filter chamber of the chamber filter press equipment is composed of a regular set of filter plates, which are placed on the two crossbeams of the equipment, the center of the filter plate is covered with a layer of filter cloth, and then kneaded into a closed filter chamber by the strong pressure supplied by the power system. In operation, when the filter fluid flows into the filter chamber from the shunt channel, when the filter fluid touches the filter cloth, the liquid in the filter fluid passes through the filter cloth, and then passes through the drainage pipe to discharge the filter chamber, while the solid particles will be blocked by the filter cloth on the other side of the blocked solid will be accumulated in the filter chamber.


As we mentioned earlier, both the filter plate and the filter cloth must be strong enough to form a filter chamber under the effect of pressure, which comes from the hydraulic power system. The working principle of the hydraulic system is to use the changing volume of liquid to propel the piston movement, and then to enhance the pressure resistance of the hydraulic oil, so that the piston has strong power. It is precisely because of this power that the hydraulic system of the equipment can generate infinite power, and then drive the movement of the filter plate and so on.


From the above introduction, we can see that the power system of the equipment plays a key role in the whole equipment.