Elements For Attention In Maintenance Of Press Filter

- Mar 28, 2019-

 1. The normal adjustment of the filter press will allow the material to work. Before each shift, the whole press should be thoroughly inspected. Mechanical compaction transmission parts and reducer must be full of lubricating oil; hydraulic compaction review tank storage and hydraulic station working pressure, hydraulic oil is generally replaced once a year, when replacing, the hydraulic system should be fully cleaned, hydraulic station working pressure is less than the maximum working pressure of the cylinder, but the minimum can not be lower than the permissible value of filtering pressure, too small will lead to greater leakage, and excessive loss. Bad parts.

 2. It is forbidden to start the plant when the number of filter plates is less than the prescribed number, so as to avoid damaging the machine parts. Before feeding, check the arrangement of the filter plate. The filter cloth should not fold to prevent large leakage. After discharging the cake, the filter plate must be tightly and tightly arranged.

 3. When everything is normal, the filter plate can be pressed to filter under pressure. The filter pressure and temperature must be within the prescribed range. Excessive filtration pressure will cause leakage. The plastic filter plate with high filtration temperature is easy to deform and the suspension concentration should be uniform when feeding. After discharging the cake, the filter cloth and the filter plate must be washed clean, and the residue should not be allowed to stick to the sealing surface or the feeding channel. Otherwise, it will affect the smooth flow of the material and the sealing of the filter plate, thus resulting in the unbalanced pressure on both sides of the filter plate, leading to the deformation and damage of the filter plate.

 4. The selection of filter cloth must meet the technical requirements of the filter paddle. The new filter cloth should shrink before making. The diameter of the opening should be smaller than the aperture of the filter plate. When matching the filter plate, the hole should be concentric with the hole of the plate. The feed hole cloth should be close to the wall of the cylinder. Otherwise, it will result in unclear filtration, low filtration rate and broken cloth barrel, which will not meet the expected filtering purpose.

 5. In the early stage of filter press, the filter is turbid. When a layer of cake is formed on the filter cloth, the filtrate will become clear. If the filtrate has been turbid or clear, it may be filter cloth damage or hole and plate hole deviation, at this time to close the valve or stop feeding to replace filter cloth. A small amount of leakage caused by capillary phenomenon of filter cloth is allowed between filter plates.

 6. When moving the filter plate, the force should be uniform and appropriate, and no collision or fall should be allowed, so as to avoid damaging the sealing surface and the filter wrench handle. The filter cloth will harden after using for a period of time and its performance will decline. Therefore, regular checks are needed. If the phenomenon that changes affect the filtration rate is found, the filter cloth can be neutralized and cleaned with the corresponding low concentration of weak acid and alkali, so that the filter cloth can resume its function and replace it in time if it is unable to recover.

 7.Slurry, lotion or compressed air valve must be activated in accordance with the operating procedures, not at the same time, the compressed air pressure during diaphragm extrusion can not exceed the filter pressure.