Filter Plate Impact Resistance

- Mar 28, 2019-

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene filter plate is a cast iron filter plate, rubber filter plate, polypropylene filter plate after the newly developed a highly efficient energy-saving filter plate, Filter Plate it has a fast dehydration, corrosion resistance, resistance to environmental cracking, high compressive strength, Impact resistance, light weight, anti-adhesion, easy installation and maintenance, Filter Plate the filter cloth loss is small, long life, etc., the service life is 4-6 times the polypropylene filter plate, cast iron and rubber filter plate 3-9 times.


As the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene filter plate is light (one-eighth of the cast iron filter plate), greatly reducing the pressure filter beam load, Filter Plate to prevent the weight of the filter plate is too large beam bending deformation, extending the life of the beam The The pressure of the plate mechanism is reduced, the impact strength of the filter plate on the filter cloth is reduced, Filter Plate the service life and working efficiency of the puller, filter cloth and related hydraulic system are improved, and the labor intensity and maintenance cost of the maintenance workers are reduced.


Naturally will be concerned about the filter press filter up, in front of us introduced how to calculate the filter for their own filter filter filter area. For the filter press filter plate in addition to considering the filter area, but also need to take into account the filter press plate thickness factor.Filter Plate For the filter press the thickness of the filter, we generally have several options range: 45mm, 60mm, 80mm (do not rule out in some special industries using thick or ultra-thin filter plate).


At the same time each area of the filter plate does not require more than 800mm * 800mm, while the use of the filter area has a certain limit, I can consider the use of the thickness of 45mm. This filter plate can make the filter press the length of 80% of the reduction, but also to reduce the filter press area, Filter Plate the release of a lot of space. Also at the same time to reduce the filter press load, Filter Plate so that the use of filter more reasonable.


 For a thickness of 60mm, this is the international standard filter press plate thickness, so the thickness of the use of a wide range, but also to filter the performance of the highest, not only makes the filter can be up to 25 MPa Pressure normal work, but also make the filter plate more wear, pressure, can withstand the impact of hard objects and pressure. And the thickness of the filter plate reached 60mm, Filter Plate the filter plate storage filter cake space also increased, reducing the number of times the filter press cycle, increasing the efficiency of filter press filter, while increasing the storage capacity of filter cake, Filter Plate but The filter cake is applied to the gravity of the filter press and therefore does not add excessive load to the filter press. Filter Plate Is to use 60mm filter plate filter can improve the overall performance.