Filter Plate Implementing Agencies

- Apr 01, 2019-

Whether a construction machinery can be suitable for different projects depends not only on the overall design and manufacturing level of the machine, but also on the material, Filter Plate performance and precision of the actuator. Today, let's talk a little bit about a pivotal actuator on a pressure filter: Diaphragm filter plate. The next content, should be the industry inside and outside, Filter Plate whether "Meng Xin" or "old driver" should master the basic knowledge.


Compared with the box-type and the plate-frame filter plate, the diaphragm filter plate has a movable filter surface--diaphragm. When the press medium is pressed on the diaphragm side (e.g. compressed air or water), these movable diaphragm will bulge the direction of the filter chamber, so that the filter cake in the filtering chamber is uniformly pressed on the whole filter surface, that is, Filter Plate after the filtration process is finished, the filter cake is squeezed again.


For the box-type and plate-frame filter plate, to achieve a higher rate of cake fixation, the filter cavity must be fully filled. As the filtration process continues, the thickness of the filter cake increases gradually, and the resistance of dewatering doubles, resulting in a sharp decline in the processing volume. Filter Plate Generally for the box-type filter press, in the first half period of filtration, the processing amount is more than 70% of the total processing amount, and the latter half period is less economical.


The diaphragm filter press can overcome this shortcoming of the box filter press. Filter Plate With the movement of the diaphragm, the thickness of the cake is variable, people can choose between the amount of processing and filter time to achieve the best feed volume, filter cake with solid rate depends on the size of the press pressure to control.


With the increase of filtration pressure, Filter Plate the risk of differential pressure at the end of each filtration cycle is also rapidly increased, while diaphragm technology advocates low pressure filtration and high pressure squeezing, which greatly avoids the differential pressure, which is another advantage of diaphragm filter plate.


Diaphragm filter plate has obvious advantages: high processing efficiency of the whole machine, high solids content of filter cake, short filtration period, Filter Plate reliable and stable production process, long filter board life. Moreover, diaphragm technology has other advantages for the production process in which the cake is fully washed.


In the filter cake washing process, the filter cake in the filter cavity is always under pressure, then the filter cake under pressure thinning, the diaphragm to be filled out, Filter Plate so that the filter cake in compaction state, so as to avoid the filter cake in the wash when the cracks. After the washing process is finished, the filter cake is pressed and the final solid rate of the cake is improved. For the box-type filter press, only through the long time to the filter cake blowing gas to improve the solid rate.