Filter Plate Material

- Mar 25, 2019-


We know that the filter press in the form of filter plate, can be divided into plate and frame filter press and box filter press. Although the filter plate is divided into several categories, but the filter plate is indispensable, regardless of which filter press are indispensable part.


Since the filter press filter plate is so important, we will analyze the filter press for the knowledge of it


Filter plate is actually in the filter press beam we can see, the role of the filter plate is used to attach the filter cloth, so that the filter press filter area increases, storage filter, resulting in solid, thus forming a filter cake.


1, the outer shape of the filter plate. The shape of the filter plate is two to the middle of the depression, the bottom there will be numerous blind spots. So why is it designed as a recessed shape? The purpose is to filter press in the filtration process, the filter cloth to intercept the solid can have a storage space. Then the design of the blind spot also has its own secret, it is to store the solid, the filter plate and filter cake to increase the friction between the effective support from the cake, there is a purpose is to let the water out there Of the flow of the road, which will allow the rapid flow of water out of the equipment to increase the efficiency of equipment. Which will have a large number of filter plate with the same thickness of the plate with the plate, the purpose of doing so is to make a good pressure to pass one by one to each other, but also to prevent the filter plate space gap, can not withstand strong pressure And the rupture is broken.


2, the filter plate material. Filter plate is divided into cast iron and polypropylene material, we are mainly used are polypropylene material filter plate, good polypropylene is able to resist oxidation and high temperature. We want to pay attention to the purchase of polypropylene material, shape the same, but some polypropylene material is the use of recycled materials, this will affect the quality of the filter plate.


3, the filter plate is how to help the filter to achieve solid-liquid separation. The passage of water in the filter plate. When the filtrate is fed into the filter chamber by the feed, the filtrate is fed into each filter chamber formed by pressing the two filter plates through the upper or middle diversion piping, respectively. Of course, there is a filter between the filter chambers And the moisture in the filtrate penetrates the filter cloth and is collected at the lower edge of the filter plate, and several holes are designed at the lower edge of the filter plate, which are connected in the secondary design and then through the communication pipe The water out of the equipment, so as to achieve a solid-liquid separation.


From these points of view, we should know that both the plate and frame filter press, box filter press, the role of the filter plate can not be replaced. The role of the filter plate is so important that we should maximize its normal operation. For its maintenance, indispensable.