Filter Press Shutdown Follow-Up Operation

- Mar 27, 2019-

Filter press after the release of it, in fact, not so simple, but also do the following follow-up after the shutdown in order to ensure that the next normal use of equipment


1, when the filter press equipment to stop running, the most basic job is to determine the equipment is not in the filter, meaning that the device can not be any residual filter, because the static state of the filtrate, slowly in the equipment Of the air dry, deposited down, will form a hard solid, so that not only block the important part of the equipment, and may make the filter press the next restart, can not work properly, serious cause filter press burst. The filtrate used must therefore be removed from the equipment to prevent them from being air-dried or chemically altered in the equipment.


2, the filter press filter cloth once used must be preserved after the wetting of the filter cloth, because now once the filter cloth and filter press used, the filtrate and equipment, strong pressure, can make the filter cloth subtle Change, so that the filter cloth can no longer withstand the dry test. Because the filter cloth dry will cause the filter cloth fiber shrinkage, so that the filter cloth in blocking the quality of solid particles will be a serious change, it will seriously affect the quality of the filter press, will make the filter cloth more easily damaged , So after the shutdown but also do the protective work of the filter cloth.


3, the filter press equipment to stop running after the hydraulic station must be prevented from entering the water, or will cause deterioration of oil corruption, so after the shutdown to do the hydraulic station seal protection work.


Downtime work can not be sloppy, a direct impact on the life of the equipment and the next work efficiency, we can not ignore the follow-up operation, the operation after the shutdown to give and maintenance of the same attention.