Filter Press Very Important

- Apr 18, 2019-

Solid-liquid separation technology is an indispensable key technology in today's industrial fields or newly developed technology fields. Filter press is a widely used in the process of solid-liquid separation of a filtration equipment, its continuous technological innovation, in many industries, Filter Press for the enterprise product research and development, quality control, process improvement, energy saving, etc. Filter Press to provide more Choice, so continue to develop new products, research new technology is very important.

Diaphragm press filtration is only the filter cake in the filtration process under different hydraulic conditions to obtain consolidation after dehydration press. Filter Press Rubber overall diaphragm filter press is based on composite rubber plate filter press and polypropylene diaphragm filter and developed a new type of dehydration press filter equipment. Which has a composite rubber plate filter press sealing performance, working conditions, strong adaptability, low energy consumption, long life, comprehensive maintenance costs low, safe and reliable features, but also has a polypropylene diaphragm filter press diaphragm press Function, you can squeeze the mud cake in the filter room to reduce the moisture content of mud cake characteristics, is a combination of two series of filter press, its superior performance, better overall performance. The overall feature of the rubber diaphragm filter is its diaphragm press filter components filter plate.

The filter element of the polypropylene diaphragm filter press is composed of a filter plate and a pressing plate, and the mud cake is extruded in the filter chamber. The filter unit of the rubber diaphragm filter is a full diaphragm filter plate, The squeeze in the filter chamber is a double-sided press.

The series of filter press mainly includes mechanical parts and electrical control of the two parts, the mechanical part of the main realization of the diaphragm filter plate pressure release, diaphragm press, take the board discharge and other functions, the control part of the main part of the mechanical The order of the mechanical action, the duration of the action, the process of the filtration process, and the like.

The filter press is an intermittent operation of the pressurized filtration device, Filter Press the filter plate is the main filter components. Filter Press The performance of the filter plate will directly affect the performance of filter press, treatment and processing efficiency. Through the use of the process of analysis of the problem to optimize the design to enhance the overall performance of the filter.

The structural design of the filter plate: The whole rubber filter plate is a diaphragm plate, composed of two parts: core plate and diaphragm. Characterized in that the covered rubber membrane layer is sealed only at the filter frame and the feed hole of the core plate and the ungelted portion forms a closed closed cavity. Filter Press The feed port is arranged in the middle of the filter plate to facilitate the diffusion of the slurry to the surroundings, the quick stroke cake; the effective squeezing area of the diaphragm is maximized to effectively reduce the moisture content of the cake.

The steel plate of the filter plate can be reused several times. After the filter plate is broken, the diaphragm can be removed and re-glued to cover the new diaphragm layer to be reused. Filter Press The maintenance cost is low. Polypropylene diaphragm filter plate after the break will no longer be used, the need to re-purchase the new filter plate, the use of high cost.

Rubber diaphragm filter plate of the membrane elasticity is good, and for the double-sided diaphragm, Filter Press the cake can be double-sided press, Filter Press to improve the diaphragm on the squeeze cake performance, effectively reduce the pressure of the mud cake moisture content.