Filter Press What Are The Categories

- Apr 17, 2019-

The pressure filter utilizes a special filter medium to exert certain pressure on the object, which makes the liquid dialysis out of a mechanical equipment, which is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment. Applied to chemical production in the early 18th century, it is still widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, dye, food, brewing, ceramics and environmental protection industries.

The filter plate has stable performance, convenient operation, safety and saving power. The metal drum is made of seamless steel tube and plastic strainer. It is high temperature, high pressure and durable.

What are the classifications of the filter press

Plate and frame filter press

1: the plate frame press filter (plate frame type filter press) is composed of a series of filter Chambers arranged by alternating strainers and filter frames. The surface of the filter board has grooves, and its projecting parts are used to support the filter cloth. The edge of the filter box and the filter plate have a hole in the side, and the assembly will form a complete channel, which can pass into the suspension, wash water and extract the filtrate. Each side of the board and frame has a handle on the crossbar, which is pressed by the compaction device and the frame. The filter cloth between plates and frames can be used to seal gaskets. The water supply pump will suspend the hydraulic fluid into the filter chamber to form the filtrate until it fills the filter chamber. Filter the filter cloth and flow along the channel of the filter plate to the corner passage of the plate box, and the filter is discharged centrally. After filtering, the filter can be used to wash the filter residue. After washing, sometimes it is added to the compressed air to remove the remaining detergent. Then open the filter and remove the filter, clean the filter cloth, repress the plate and frame, and start the next work cycle.

2: the plate frame filter can be applied to the compressibility of the filter slag or the uncompressed suspension. The concentration of solid particles suitable for suspension is generally less than 10%, and the operating pressure is generally 0.3 ~ 0.6mb, with a special amount of 3 mpa or higher. The filter area can be increased and decreased with the number of plate frames used. The frame is usually square, the inside of the filter frame is 200 ~ 2000 mm, the frame thickness is 16 ~ 80 mm, the filter area is 0.5 ~ 1200 square meters. The plate and frame are pressed by manual screw, electric screw and hydraulic pressure. Boards and frames are made of wood, cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, polypropylene and rubber.

The chamber filter press

Box pressure filter of the structure and working principle are similar to plate and frame filter press, the difference is that filter plate on both sides of the sunken, every two pieces of filter plate combination into a box shape filter chamber, save filter frame, filter plate center has a round hole slurry flows into the filter chamber. This type of filter is applicable to the suspended fluid that needs to be filtered by high pressure without washing.

Vertical filter press

Vertical pressure filter press plate horizontal and top and bottom stack, forming a set of filter room, the area is small. It adopts a continuous filter belt, which can be used to remove the slag and clean the filter belt. The filter press can be widely used and the structure is simple. The pressing and pulling of the plate and the frame, the discharge of slag and the cleaning of the filter cloth can be applied to the automation, which is conducive to the development of the filter press. Filter press filter after adding the elastic rubber diaphragm chamber, but at the end of the filter with high pressure water or compressed air with the aid of rubber diaphragm compression filter residue, the residue was further squeeze liquid, forming the filter chamber volume variable, and residue in the compression of the diaphragm press filter, the pressure can reach 1 ~ 2 million mpa.

Belt filter press

Belt type filter press is widely used in municipal wastewater treatment, chemical industry, oil refining, metallurgy, paper making, leather making, food, coal washing, printing and dyeing industry of sludge dewatering, the machine continuous operation, high degree of automation, energy saving, high efficiency, convenient in operation and maintenance, is the ideal equipment of sludge dewatering.

Structural characteristics of

1. Using advanced Australian technology, the appearance is beautiful and generous.

2. Large structure, stable operation and low noise.

3. Equipped with advanced preprocessing equipment (good for sludge flocculation), low operating cost.

4. The gravity dewatering area is equipped with advanced cloth feeder to distribute the material evenly and prolong the life of the filter.

5. With super long gravity dewatering area and wedge-shaped dewatering area, the material is dehydrated to ensure that the material will not overflow in the crush area.

6. The roller is arranged in a scientific and orderly manner, and the gravity dehydration, wedge dehydration, and squeezing dehydration are discharged separately, without interference, the diameter ratio of the squeezing dehydration roll is large, and the dehydration effect is good. Therefore, the production capacity is large, energy conservation and efficiency.

7. High degree of automation of continuous operation from feeding to discharging mud cake. PLC interface can be set up according to need, so as to facilitate centralized control of microcomputer.

8. The power transmission mechanism adopts mechanical or variable frequency stepless speed regulation, which has wide range and wide adaptability.

9. The filter belt has a reliable anti-flushing device to ensure the dehydration effect of the filter belt.

10. Adopt pneumatic tensioning and pneumatic automatic rectifying device to ensure the safe and normal operation of the filter belt.

11. Safe and reliable operation, adopt infrared safety protection and omnidirectional emergency safety parking device.

12. The filter with different structure can be configured according to different materials.

Press filter composed of hydraulic pressure of hydraulic station, oil cylinder, piston, piston and piston rod connected to the pressure plate, the structure of the hydraulic station, the card has a motor, pump, relief valve (stress) directional control valve, pressure gauge, oil, fuel tank.

Filtering: the filtrate outflow is filtered and filtered. The flow is filtered, and the bottom of each filter is equipped with a water nozzle, and the filtrate is directly flowing out of the nozzle. The underflow filtration, the lower part of each filter plate is provided with a liquid channel hole, and the outlet of a number of filter plates is connected to the outlet of the outlet, which is connected by the outlet hole at the bottom of the thrust plate.

Washing method: when the filter cake needs to be washed, sometimes the flow one-way washing and two-way washing, dark flow one-way washing and two-way washing.