Function Analysis of Concave and Convex Points on Filter Plate of Press Filter

- Apr 11, 2019-

Everyone knows that the filter plate is an important part of the filter press and plays a vital role. When choosing and purchasing filter press, people only pay attention to the quality and material of the filter plate, and often ignore the concave and convex points on the filter plate, which is an important detail feature of the filter plate.


The surface of filter plate adopts concave and convex structure, point conical convex platform and unique runner design. The size, arrangement and angle of these bumps on the filter plate have been studied precisely.


These concave and convex points on the filter plate not only improve the filtration and dewatering capacity of the filter press, speed up the flow rate of the equipment, shorten the filtering cycle, but also greatly improve the working efficiency of the filter press. During the working process of the filter press, the filtrate will not be restricted by the direction. Usually, the aquatic products formed by the convex point will flow around. It is the existence of the convex point that reduces the flowing time of the filtrate and greatly improves the filtering speed. In addition, the convex point on the filter plate further enlarges the filter area, which makes the filter performance of the filter press in a stable state, and protects the filter cloth from damage and prolongs the service life of the filter press.


It can be seen that a small detail sometimes plays a key role, so we can not ignore it because it is more subtle, if we do not pay attention to these small details, filter press can not play a better role in practical application.