Gas storage tank inspection requirements

- Nov 16, 2018-

Usually as a simple pressure vessel, air compressor gas storage tanks have always been considered as a relatively safe special equipment, but there are also certain risks. If there are problems in design, manufacturing quality, installation standards, operation, and management, If it does not meet the requirements, it will bury hidden dangers, and serious accidents may occur during use, resulting in casualties and equipment damage.

The gas storage tank must be installed before installation. After installation, the pressure vessel use certificate shall be processed according to the requirements of special equipment, and regular inspection shall be carried out. After the inspection is qualified, the inspection report shall be obtained before being put into use. According to the pressure level and service life of the gas storage tank, regular inspection shall be carried out, and the gas storage tank that has not passed the inspection shall not be used. The volume and pressure of the gas storage tank should meet the design standards and cannot be configured casually. One air compressor is equipped with a gas storage tank. The air storage tank of the ground air compressor station should avoid direct sunlight. The gas storage tank must have inspection holes, and the grease in the tank should be removed regularly.