How to choose a matching diaphragm pump for filter press

- Apr 03, 2019-

The operating power of the filter press is provided by the diaphragm pump. Therefore, the choice of diaphragm pump is very important. Only by choosing a matching diaphragm pump for filter press can its performance be improved to the greatest extent. 

First of all, when choosing the diaphragm pump, we must look at the treatment cycle of the pump body. Only when the user chooses the type according to the required working performance can he better adapt to the operation of filter press equipment.

Secondly, when choosing the pump body, it is necessary to calculate the capacity of the filter press and the water content after dehydration, so as to reasonably design the intake and outflow volume after each operation, and then calculate the working time to make production arrangements.

Finally, when choosing the pump body, we should also focus on selecting the material of the pump body, because the suitable working environment of the pump body with different materials is different, if we want to fully meet the production demand, then we must strictly carry out under the constraints of the relevant departments. Although this is the most basic requirement, it is often overlooked.


It should be noted that the selection principle of diaphragm pump is only a basic principle, and the specific selection needs to be combined with the working environment. If the working environment is special, it needs to have higher requirements for the performance of the diaphragm pump.