How to detect whether the sludge in filter press equipment is pressed dry

- Apr 24, 2019-

Whether or not the sludge in the filter press equipment is pressed dry can be judged from three aspects: first, the feed pressure rises to the set pressure. Secondly, the drainage from the outlet hole of the filter plate is obviously reduced. Thirdly, it is theoretically impossible to dry the material of the storage tank, which can only be understood as the end of the feeding process. Judging from the following two points:

1. The feeding pressure has reached the upper limit of the feeding pressure;

2. The discharge volume of the filter plate has been significantly reduced.


If we want to further reduce the moisture content of filter cake. Generally speaking, the following two ways can be adopted:

1. increasing the feed pressure of the filter press (presupposed that the hydraulic cylinder pressure is sufficient);

2. ventilating the compressed air to take away the moisture. The frame can only be dehydrated, as if not pressed. Similar to this situation, we can see that when the pressure reaches the set value, if the water drops down one by one, and drops very slowly, it is almost the same, but the specific depends on the nature of the material.