How to Make the Filter Cloth and Filter Press Equipment Cooperate Better

- Apr 30, 2019-

The so-called filter press equipment is a kind of filter equipment which separates the solid and liquid from the mixed liquid. It often can't separate the mixed liquid, so the filter press equipment needs the assistance of filter cloth to realize its actual function.


Therefore, the use of filter press equipment will have to use a variety of filter cloth, so it will inevitably encounter the problem of replacing filter cloth. So how to make the filter cloth and filter press equipment better match?


1. First, choose filter cloth. Choosing filter cloth suitable for plate-and-frame filter press equipment, in addition to choosing filter cloth types, size and mesh of filter cloth, we often have to choose the preparation of filter cloth, temperature resistance or ductility of filter cloth.


2. The second is the placement of filter cloth.  In the process of placement, it is necessary to place the filter cloth smoothly and naturally between the filter plate and the filter plate, and pay attention to no wrinkles, otherwise, it will make the sealing of the filter chamber of the box filter press more difficult, resulting in the reduction of the working quality of the filter press. Attention should also be paid not to make the filter cloth too tight, resulting in tear and breakage of the filter cloth, because the horizontal filter press is to store the cake in the filter chamber between the filter cloth and the filter cloth. If the filter cloth is too tight, as the filter cake continues to accumulate, it will break the filter cake.


3. The washing and storage of filter cloth is focused on washing. After the filter cloth is used for a certain period of time, the filtering efficiency and quality are often affected, so it is necessary to wash the filter cloth of filter press. In the washing process, try to apply some weak acid or alkali solution, wipe the surface of the filter cloth, wait for the surface of the solid particles to soften, rinse with water, can be rubbed with a fixed force channel, only the size of the problem that requires attention.