How to Reduce the Moisture Content of Filter Cake

- Apr 12, 2019-

Customers often consult about the use of filter presses, the most common and most concerned about only two issues: one is about the filter efficiency of the press, and the other is about the moisture content of the filter cake of the press. Today we will discuss how to reduce the moisture content of the filter plate.


As we all know, the work of general clearance filter press will go through four stages: feeding, filtering, back-blown pressing and unloading. The first two filtration stages are mainly manifested in the filter efficiency of the press, and the cake moisture of the filter quality is mainly manifested in the third stage. Therefore, on the premise that all parts of the filter press are in normal operation, in order to achieve less water content of the filter cake and provide better conditions for our transportation or use, we can use the following methods to achieve this purpose:


Firstly, in order to get the filter cake with lower moisture content, it is suggested to select the filter press of high pressure diaphragm press series. Especially in sewage treatment, the effect is remarkable.


Secondly, after the end of the feed of a filtration cycle, dry air can be introduced into the feed pipe, and the moisture in the filter cake will flow out from the blower with the flow of air. The longer the time of entering the air, the more water the filter cake brings out, the lower the moisture content of the filter cake.


Finally, we inject air or water into the diaphragm plate of the diaphragm filter press and press the cake under high pressure with the diaphragm to make the water in the cake flow out by extrusion. Pressure is slightly greater than feed pressure, but it must be less than the maximum test pressure of the diaphragm filter plate.


Therefore, in order to reduce the moisture content of filter cake, it is necessary to select high-pressure diaphragm filter plate and prolong the blowing and pressing time of filter cake appropriately.