How to Solve the Inhomogeneous Cake of Press Filter

- Apr 23, 2019-

Generally speaking, the filter cake formed by the normal filter press is relatively uniform, but if the filter press works abnormally, it will lead to the uneven appearance of the filter cake, which is a failure of the filter press and should be solved in time.

So, what are the reasons for the uneven cake of the filter press?


1. If the feed of the filter press is not timely and the pressure of the filter press is not satisfied, the phenomenon of non-uniform cake will appear.


2. The blockage of filter press will also affect the uniformity of cake death.


Faced with the above problems, we can find corresponding solutions:


1. Timely feeding, check the feeding system of filter press and repair it to ensure timely feeding.


2. Clean the filter cloth or the filter plate of the filter press, so as to ensure the smooth flow of the filter press.


If the filter press breaks down, it must be repaired in time. If the above problems are found, the corresponding methods can not solve the uneven phenomenon of filter cake, we should contact the manufacturer in time, and the manufacturer will repair or replace them for us.