Installation experience and precautions of filter press base

- May 07, 2020-

XAMZGF1500-UB K.jpg

Many customers neglected some problems during the installation of the base, which caused the filter press to shake seriously in the future operation process, which affected the work efficiency. So how to avoid this situation, our Zhejiang Longyuan filter press will share a few The installation experience of a filter press base.


The first thing to do is to install the filter press on flat concrete, which is particularly easy to be overlooked by users. Many users find the place at random and install it, and do not pay attention to reserve enough space for use. The future use brings a lot of trouble, so I hope you pay attention to this point.

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In addition, the foot of the thrust plate at the feed end needs to be fixed with anchor bolts, and the anchor bolts are positioned and locked with two nuts. The installer must ensure that the beam is perpendicular to the thrust plate.


 Generally note the above problems, even if the base of the filter press is installed in place, of course, if the filter press is to work efficiently, it is not enough to pay attention to the installation of the base. I will share these experiences with you in the future.