Installation requirements for filter plates

- Nov 16, 2018-

The horizontal installation accuracy of the filter plate is relatively high. The important basis is the positioning accuracy of the stainless steel parts for the whole flattening of the filter beam and the pre-embedded riveting filter plate. Therefore, the horizontal level of the filter beam leveling must be configured with high standards. Metal molds and skilled manufacturing techniques ensure the flatness of the filter beam. After the plane is leveled, the filter plate is installed.

1. According to the requirements of the design drawings, the horizontal error of the single pool surface is greater than ± 2mm, and the elevation error of each filter is not more than ± 5mm;

2, the filter plate joints require no air leakage, no water leakage, can withstand the pressure of flushing;

3. Before the filter plate is placed, the error of the elevation value of the support beam surface is less than ± 2mm;

4. The joint of the filter plate is embedded and filled with 903 polymer cement mortar. The caulking is cured in a humid environment for three days, and put into use after seven days;

5. During construction, it should be noted that the mortar should not leak into the pool or seal the filter head. After installation, clean the filter surface mortar.