Long-term Shutdown Of Filter Press Will Also Cause Failure

- Apr 08, 2019-

One customer mistakenly believes that the long-term shutdown of the filter press is a kind of protection for the equipment, which is a big mistake. During the standstill period, the filter press may have the following problems:


After a long period of shutdown, the hydraulic oil of the filter press will decrease or even disappear. In the long-term shutdown process, the equipment lacks the daily maintenance, and no one will look after it all the time. The hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank is also in the state of stopping operation. In this way, there is a large amount of oil in each part of the hydraulic system, which will spill out with the parts not sealed, and the natural volatilization in the tank. When the filter press has not been running for a long time, the hydraulic oil will be released. Reduced. Therefore, after the holidays, we should add enough hydraulic oil to the tank.


Secondly, the flow paths of the filter press are easily blocked. Normally, they need to be dispersed through the flow channel, and guided to the corresponding filter chamber for filtering, and there is also the liquid permeated from the filter cloth out of the equipment through the pipeline, so there are a large number of complex flow channels in the filter press, some are very thin, and the liquid filtered by the equipment itself contains a large number of solids, in one. After the holidays, there is enough time for the filtrate to deposit air-drying in the equipment, thus blocking the flow path of the equipment and making the filter press unable to work.  


Therefore, long-term stagnation is not necessarily a good thing for filter presses, but after necessary stagnation, we hope that everyone carefully carries out maintenance operations and restores their status, otherwise the life of the equipment will be greatly reduced and the loss will be overwhelming.