Necessary Operation Of Filter Press Before Long-term Shutdown

- Apr 10, 2019-

If the filter press is ready to be shut down for a long time, some necessary operations need to be strictly observed, mainly in order to enable the equipment to operate efficiently and normally after the "holiday". According to the summary of Sudong Chemical Industry, before long-term shutdown, the first is to check the filter plate, and the second is to replace the hydraulic oil.


For filter press equipment, the most prone part of the problem is the filter plate. In the work of filter press equipment, it is often necessary to move the filter plate back and forth repeatedly, but also subject to a great pressure. The filter chamber is kept in the working range of high pressure all the year round, which easily leads to the breakage of the filter plate or the error of the handle of the filter plate.


Therefore, it is suggested that enterprises should use the filter press to stop working period and check the filter plate thoroughly and thoroughly to clean it thoroughly, so that it is easier to check whether there are cracks on the filter plate. The cracks are the precursor of the breakdown of the filter plate. Once the filter plate has cracks, it means that the filter plate will rupture within a month. In order to avoid the loss of the filter plate and cause the filter to stop working, it is necessary to check whether there are cracks on the filter plate. The cracked filter plate should be found in advance, and the spare filter plate should be purchased so that when the filter plate breaks, it can be added immediately, so as not to delay production.


All hydraulic oils in the equipment should be replaced again and the tank should be cleaned before the equipment is shut down. Because the hydraulic oil will deposit impurities in the mailbox due to wear and tear on the inner wall of the hydraulic system when the equipment works for a long time, we need to replace all the hydraulic oil for the next use.


The above two aspects should be done well before the equipment is out of service, so that the function of the equipment will not be affected during the out-of-service period, and the filter press can quickly resume its working state and keep running smoothly.