Plate And Frame Filter Press Notice Which Questions

- Mar 29, 2019-

Plate and frame filter press is a very mature dewatering equipment, sludge scouring project in Europe and America to apply a lot. The filter press and the filter bed are arranged alternately in parallel with each other. The filter plate and filter box are sandwiched between the filter plate and the filter box. The filter plate and the filter frame are pressed with the compression end, so that the filter plate and the filter plate Between the composition of a pressure chamber. Sludge from the feed port into the water through the filter plate from the filtrate discharge, mud cake accumulation in the box on the filter cloth, filter plate and filter box after the release of mud cake is easy to peel off, with simple operation, Solid high, strong applicability and so on.


Plate and frame filter press mainly by the fixed plate, filter box, filter plate, compression plate and compression device, the appearance and similar to the filter press. Manufacturing board, box materials are metal, wood, engineering plastics and rubber, and there are various forms of filter plate surface groove as a drainage channel, the filter box is hollow. (Such as filter cloth), filter box and filter plate through the two ears, the frame in the horizontal of the two equal beams, one end is the fixed plate, the other The pressing plate at one end is pressed or pulled by the pressing device during operation. The filter press is fed and drained through the channels of the plates and the corners of the frame and the raised ears on both sides of the box. The discharge of the filtrate is divided into two kinds of flow and undercurrent. During the filtration process, the filter cake is gathered in the box. General plate and frame filter press working pressure of 0.3 ~ 0.5MPa, filter press working pressure of 1 ~ 2MPa.


Plate and frame filter press the use of the process should pay attention to what issues?


1, before pressing the filter plate, be sure to filter plate and filter box neatly arranged, and close to the thrust plate side, parallel to the thrust plate placed, to avoid improper placement of the filter plate and filter box caused by bending the main beam.


2, the filter, the feed valve should be slow to open, the feed pressure must be controlled in the factory signs on the following pressure calibration.


3, the filter can not win the filter plate and filter box, so as not to stroke the accident and the accident; filter plate and filter box rupture, should be replaced, can not continue to use, otherwise it will cause other filter plate and filter box rupture.


4, when washing the filter cloth and filter plate, be careful not to let the water splash on the fuel tank.


5, hydraulic oil (20 # ~ 30 # mechanical oil, synthetic spindle oil) should be filled through the air filter tank. Must meet the requirements of oil. And to prevent the sewage and debris into the tank, causing the hydraulic components rust, plug.


6, electrical box to keep dry, the pressure gauge, solenoid valve coil and the electrical components to be regularly checked to ensure that the machine work properly. After the shutdown need to close the air switch, cut off the power.


7, fuel tanks, fuel tanks, pumps, solenoid valves and relief valves and other hydraulic components, the need for regular no-load operation cycle cleaning. In the general working environment using the filter press, six months to clean once. The filtration accuracy of the working oil is 20 m. The new machine in the use of 1 to 2 weeks, the need to replace the hydraulic oil, oil will be dirty when the dirty oil, and the fuel tank scrub clean; the second oil change cycle for a month, after about three months oil change (according to Environmental conditions).