Plate And Frame Filter Press Operating Procedures

- Mar 25, 2019-


Plate and frame filter press in the field of sludge dewatering widely used, now to talk about the detailed operation process. What are the steps and processes for sludge dewatering when the work is ready for work?


1, check before opening


Check whether the filter plate is correct, filter cloth is clean and tidy, no wrinkles. Such as filter cloth is not clean, will affect the permeability of the filter cloth, and ultimately will extend the time of mud, moisture content will be higher than normal. If the filter cloth arrangement is not neat or wrinkled, after the mud pressure increases from the cracks in the mud out.


2, open the mud


1) press the filter plate


Open the compressor on the filter press and press the filter plate at 25kfg / cm2.


2) open the mud


Open the sludge pump P421A / P421B to the plate and frame filter press into the mud. After the mud into the filter press, under the action of the pressure, the water from the gap in the filter cloth, sink into the filtrate pipeline, into the filter press next to the Yinjing, into the regulation pool two. With the increase of the amount of mud, the filter hole gradually reduced and smaller, the filtration pressure increases, when the mud pressure reaches 5kfg / cm2, the sludge moisture content of about 70%, filter cake molding. Into the mud pump screw pump, when the pressure rose to 4kfg / cm2, due to the pressure is too large, the amount of filtrate precipitation less, open the pressure relief valve to prevent the screw pump pressure is too large mechanical wear serious.


3, unloading mud


Stop into the mud, open the air compressor into the air about one hour after the closure, ready to unload the mud.


1) open open frame, unloading mud


First start the filter press the first compression action, after the release of the fixed pressure compass, after the release of the action, the plate opened, then gently with the mud shovel under the sludge, fell to the bottom, Bagging.


2) reset, mud pressure.


When the most mud after the completion of bagging compression operation, press the pressure to 25kfg / cm2, tighten the pressure after the compass and click to stop the action and then click to close.


4, cleaning filter cloth


The principle of the filter cloth is washed every time it is finished and is now set once a day.


5, replace the filter cloth


When the filter cloth sticky with glue, with a high pressure cleaner can not be removed, or filter cloth is damaged, should immediately replace the filter cloth.


1) Remove the old filter cloth


Remove the filter plate, untie the fixed filter cloth rope, remove the filter cloth, do solid waste treatment.


2) Replace the new filter cloth


A piece of the new filter cloth is passed through the center hole of the filter plate, the filter cloth is rotated, and the end of the fixed rope hole is placed downward, and then the rope is used to pass through the holes corresponding to the two filter cloths. On board.


3) Place the filter plate and arrange it neatly to replace the filter cloth of the filter cloth and put it on the filter press, arranged neatly and aligned. After the replacement can be normal mud.