Reasonable Control of Working Temperature of Press Filter

- Apr 07, 2019-

The heat in the work of the filter press will be the increase of the working temperature of the equipment, which will have a great influence on the normal operation of the equipment beyond a certain range. Therefore, we should control the working temperature of the filter press reasonably when we operate the equipment.

Next, let's look at the specific negative effects of overheating:


1. If the temperature of the filtrate is too high, it will affect the filter plate of the filter press, and easily cause the deformation and corruption of the filter plate.


2. The high temperature of filtrate also affects the filter cloth of the filter press. The high temperature will increase the aperture of the filter cloth of the filter press and affect the filter efficiency to a certain extent.


3. High temperature will also affect the hydraulic pressure of filter press and affect the use of hydraulic pressure.


High temperature not only affects the working efficiency of the filter press, but also greatly reduces the life of the equipment, so we can actively interact with manufacturers to learn more about the appropriate temperature and reduce the trouble in operation.