Several advantages of filter cloth

- Nov 16, 2018-

Close to zero emissions, can meet the most stringent environmental standards;

Good cleaning performance, can provide higher ventilation, or can reduce the pressure difference;

The extension of the life of the filter bag and the reduction of the number of cleanings reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment;

Higher air-to-cloth ratio, smaller dust collectors can be designed to reduce energy consumption when the differential pressure is reduced;

Dust bag is roughly divided into three categories from the temperature, such as polyester needle needle cloth anti-static dust bag, easy to clean dust bag. Medium temperature class such as polyester coated needle felt bag, three anti-dust bag, water and oil resistant needle felt, high temperature class such as Mitas, dust bag, Flumes bag, glass needle felt bag, PPS acid and alkali Cloth bags, etc. The dust bag should be selected according to the temperature, humidity and chemical characteristics of the gas, the size of the particles, the weight, the shape, the filtration rate of the dust concentration, the cleaning method, the discharge concentration and the working system of the bag filter.

Under normal circumstances, the pulse spray bag type dust collector uses needle felt, and the chamber back blow bag type dust remover or mechanical vibrating bag type dust remover selects woven cloth. If the working condition is high temperature, it is necessary to resist acid and alkali, and if there is moisture, high temperature type such as film fluoromes can be used. There are many factors to consider when choosing a dust bag.