Solution To Insufficient Pressure Of Filter Press

- Apr 01, 2019-

The reasons for the insufficient pressure of the filter press are as follows: the hydraulic pump motor of the filter press runs out of phase, the regulator valve is not in place or the regulator is out of order. For these three reasons, we can take appropriate measures to solve them.

Firstly, check whether the motor of the filter press is in good condition and whether there is overheating operation. If the motor is damaged, the wiring and components of terminals, cables, thermal relays, contactors and other parts of the motor should be checked one by one along the load circuit of the motor from back to front until the cause of the fault is found, the fault is eliminated and the damaged motor is repaired. If no motor problem is found, the integrity of the pressure regulating valve should be considered.

The causes of such faults are as follows: 1. improper adjustment of rated pressure of pressure regulating valve; 2. too tight screw of adjustment bolt or improper selection of product for exhaust hole blocked by foreign body; 3. improper seal damage or foreign body in valve orifice and valve.

Solutions to insufficient pressure caused by the failure of pressure regulating valve: 1. Adjust the adjusting bolt of pressure regulating valve (screw the bolt downward and raise the working pressure); 2. Check whether the bolt is too tight to dredge the oil drain hole on the valve body; 3. Replace the sealing parts of oil draining valve or replace the inlet and outlet valve plates.

Under the condition of insufficient pressure, the filter press can not work normally, which will affect the progress of work. In order to prevent the pressure insufficiency affecting the normal operation of the filter press, we should pay attention to these problems in the usual inspection.