Solution when a failure occurs

- Nov 16, 2018-

1) In the working state of the filter press, the suspension will definitely occur. If the sales are not in place at the time of suspension, it will have a serious impact on the subsequent work. Through observation and analysis during the operation of the machine, it is found that this phenomenon occurs because the feed pipe of the quick-opening diaphragm filter press adopts a steel ring rubber pipe, and under the action of pressure filtration, the pipe itself will form a reaction. The force is applied to the pressing plate, which will offset the force of the cylinder, causing the pressing plate to rebound, and the selling is not in place when the vehicle is stopped, and the machine malfunctions.

Based on this situation, the following modification scheme is proposed: the direction of the feeding hose and the protective sleeve of the quick-opening diaphragm filter press is adjusted, specifically, the rotation is 180° on the original basis, and the clockwise bending is turned into the counterclockwise direction. bending. In this way, the reaction force in the feed pipe not only does not offset the force of the cylinder, but also strengthens the pressing action, thereby ensuring the working state of the pressing plate and eliminating the problem of failure occurring during the suspension.

2) When the filter press is working, the tensioning and loosening of the filter plate is carried out on the main beam track. During the operation, the derailment phenomenon also occurs from time to time. The study found that the main reason for this phenomenon is that when the filter plate is tightened, the small chain connected to the filter plate falls off, resulting in inconsistent work progress on both sides of the track, which leads to failure.