Stainless steel filter press equipment can not be pressed, what are the reasons for insufficient pressure?

- Apr 29, 2020-

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The special equipment of stainless steel filter press occasionally may not be able to be pressed, and the pressure is insufficient. After this situation, the material in the filter chamber of the stainless steel filter press will be insufficiently filtered, the water content is high, and it will affect the press Speed, increase pressing time. When such a problem occurs, the cause and solution should be found in time to avoid affecting the production efficiency.

The special equipment of stainless steel filter press is not enough pressure to find the reason from the following aspects:

不锈钢压滤机带抬高架皮带输送机 3.jpg

1. The working condition of the stainless steel filter press should be checked first. Since the filter press equipment is a complete system, the inside of the work is a closed environment, and a certain part of the pressure relief will cause insufficient system pressure. The inspection items mainly include whether the filter cloth has holes, whether the hydraulic system is leaking oil, and whether the seal is leaking.


2. Follow up the inspection of pipelines and gate valves, including the inlet pipeline gate valve of the stainless steel filter press and the inlet and outlet gate valves of the stainless steel filter press equipment. leakage.


3. Check the working condition of the special equipment of stainless steel (stainless acid-resistant steel) filter press (check if there is any blockage, the blockage will cause insufficient flow rate and slow flow rate, which will affect the pressure and feed. Tightening, automatic hydraulic pressing, automatic holding pressure, electrical control / computer program control, automatic pulling plate, automatic liquid-receiving flap, etc. In addition, for newly installed equipment, you should check whether the speed is too low and the motor power is too small Both of these will cause this phenomenon; for equipment that has problems in normal use, the power and speed are generally okay, you need to check whether the impeller is seriously worn, and check the equipment for leaks.


4. After finding the problem, it should be solved in time. If the situation of insufficient pressure can not hit the pressure again, it should be further investigated whether there are multiple leakage points or multiple causes of this situation. The low-temperature dryer uses a special filter medium to apply a certain pressure to the object, which makes the liquid dialysis out of a mechanical device, which is a commonly used solid-liquid separation device. Material of stainless steel filter press filter plate: stainless steel, cast iron, rubber, reinforced polypropylene (plastic), polymer PE, etc.