The necessary factors for the input filter to determine the output of the filter press

- May 06, 2020-

XFG1500副本.jpgFilter presses have been widely used in mining, light industry, chemical industry and other industries due to their low moisture content of filter cakes, which can realize fully automatic intermittent operation. Single pump feed materialMost filter presses use a single pump feed material, that is, according to the flow rate and head of the feed pump required by the filter press, a pump with a large flow rate and high head is selected.The advantages are simple structure, convenient construction, and relatively high investment. low.

At the same time, the single pump feeding method of the filter press also has shortcomings.In the early stage of feeding, there will be a great medium resistance. As the feeding progresses, the resistance becomes greater and greater, and the corresponding pump feed pressure also follows It becomes larger, which leads to the destruction of the filter cake layer that has formed on the surface of the filter cloth, increasing the slime through the filter, causing the filtrate water to be turbid.

The decisive link that affects the filter efficiency and productivity of the filter press is the feed filtration stage, especially for difficult-to-filter materials, such as high clay content coal slime, municipal sludge, etc., the feed time often accounts for more than 60% of the total filter press cycle Therefore, the key to increasing the productivity of the filter press is how to optimize the feed.