The role of the gas tank

- Nov 16, 2018-

The air compressor is one of the important large-scale fixed power equipments in the coal mine. It is widely used in underground and on the ground, mainly used for wind, wind drill and rock drill for mining face. The gas storage tank is an auxiliary equipment of the air compressor. It is installed outdoors. The air enters the compressor and is sent to the gas storage tank after being pressurized. Then, the gas storage tank is supplied to each gas location. The gas storage tank is in the air compression system. The main role in this is to ensure that the gas supply is stable. The compressed air deposits water in the gas storage tank, adjusts the pneumatic equipment to cause air pressure fluctuation due to unbalanced gas consumption, increases the pressure stability of the gas equipment, or reserves a part of compressed air, so that the user can use the air compressor when the air compressor fails. This part of the compressed air is used for emergency treatment of pneumatic equipment or pneumatic control systems.