The sedimentation tank mud surface is too high, and the effluent suspended solids rise

- Jul 09, 2019-


If the load is too high, the decomposition of organic matter does not completely affect the sludge sedimentation performance, and the sedimentation effect is deteriorated;

The load is too low, the sludge lacks nutrition, and the resistance to low-nutrient bacteria increases the flocculation performance.

The sludge is older, the sludge concentration in the system is too high and the sludge structure is loose and not easy to settle;

When the water temperature is too high, the small molecules of organic matter increase, and the bacterial gum group adsorbs too much organic matter to cause sludge deflocmentation.


Reduce the load to reduce the total amount of influent COD, and increase the dissolved oxygen to gradually restore the sludge performance;

Increase the amount of water in the appropriate range, maintain a high dissolved oxygen state for a period of time to inhibit the continued increase of low-nutrient bacteria;

Increase the excess sludge discharge and control the system sludge concentration to a reasonable range;

Reduce the water temperature in the aeration tank, control the dissolved oxygen level, and the sludge can return to normal after a period of time.