Three Reasons Causing Pressure Insufficiency of Press Filter

- Apr 19, 2019-

1. Hydraulic oil of filter press is insufficient

When the filter press works in a long time and high strength environment, the hydraulic oil will decrease slowly, because the quantity of reduction is invisible to us, so we may forget this problem in use. When it is reduced to the lowest point of design, the oil pump can not pump enough oil, nor can it be sent to the tubing in time. The pressure generated by the hydraulic press is not enough, and the pressure of the filter plate is also insufficient. Naturally it will decrease.

2. Lack of sealing for filter press

There are two main manifestations of improper sealing of the filter press, i.e. oil spillover on the expansion rod and failure of the closed steel balls in the oil reversing valve to function properly, which will lead to insufficient pressure of the filter press.

3. Oil Accident in Press Filter

This is an unavoidable problem for every filter press, because the filter press works for a long time, and the working frequency of the hydraulic press is tens of thousands of times. The friction between the piston seal ring and the wall must be very frequent, and the damage of the seal ring will be very fast naturally. As a result, the oil coming in from the hydraulic chamber will flow out from another hydraulic chamber, leading to the piston. There is no power to reduce the pressure of the filter plate.

Therefore, the investigation of pressure insufficiency of filter press can start from three aspects: hydraulic oil, sealing of filter press secrets and internal oil problems. Only by finding out the reasons accurately, can the problem be solved in time and the normal operation of filter press be ensured.