Main use of filter plates

- Nov 16, 2018-

1. Catalyst filtration and separation;

2. Filtration of high temperature gas in petrochemical industry, filtration of tail gas in boiling bed of petrochemical plant, filtration of catalytic cracking slurry;

3. Purification of high temperature flue gas in the metallurgical industry;

4. Filtration of other high temperature gases and liquids;

5. Filtration of various high temperature, corrosive liquid and catalyst in the petrochemical industry;

6. Filtration and purification of various polymer melts in the chemical fiber film industry;

7. Filtration separation of various catalysts in the pharmaceutical industry;

8, for gas distribution, liquidized bed orifice material;

9, for high pressure backwash oil filter, etc.;

10. Various kinds of slurry for filtering edible oil, beverage and edible;

11. It is used to purify and filter production sewage.