Advantages of Diaphragm Press Filter in Filtration Performance

- Mar 29, 2019-

At present, diaphragm filter press is widely used in shopping malls. It is the latest type of filter equipment in horizontal filter press. It is developed and improved on the basis of box filter press. It can be said that it is the second generation of box filter press. As the latest type of filter equipment, diaphragm filter press is a kind of filter equipment with the lowest moisture content of filter cake after filtration, but about this new type of filter. Most of the equipments are still not well understood. What are the advantages of the diaphragm filter press in terms of filtration performance?


In order to minimize the moisture content of filtered cake, a series of improvements have been made, the first one is the change of the filter chamber. The method of reducing the moisture content of filter cake by diaphragm filter press is to knead and dehydrate the filter cake twice, so the filter plate of traditional box filter press has been improved. Its filter plate no longer uses polypropylene composite material, but uses more pure and more flexible plastic material, so that the filter plate of raw material can be kneaded repeatedly for thousands of times without cracking and deformation. The external plane planning is also used, not like the box press filter plate to the internal depression, but the same appearance also needs blind spots, used to add friction between the filter plate and the cake, support the cake. In the first layer, the filter plate of the diaphragm filter press is made of hollow structure. The center of the filter plate is made into a hollow sealed space. When the space is filled with filler, the filter plate will expand because the pressure inside is larger than that outside. Then the filter cake stored between the filter plates is kneaded to minimize the moisture content of the filter cake.


Because the filter press needs a strong pressure when filtering, only the hollow filter plate can not accept this pressure, so in the layout of the filter plate, the same arrangement as the plate-frame filter press is chosen, and a hollow filter plate and a solid filter plate are interwoven, which makes the filter press accept the pressure well in the first filtering process, and it may also bear the pressure in the second kneading. A good focus.