What cause the filter press to stop working?

- May 14, 2019-

Sometimes, the filter press may stop working in the process of working, which is very bad for the machine. What are the reasons that cause the filter press to stop working?

Errors in the filter press control system will cause the filter press equipment to stop working. We all know that when the filter press equipment works, it needs control system to control the hydraulic system and its expansion range, so as to control the power generated by the hydraulic system to the filter plate, and the power received by the filter plate can be transmitted to the filter fluid, and the filter fluid is directly shown by the pressure size of the permeability through the filter cloth, so the filter press equipment is controlled. The system directly affects the filtration of filtrate.

When the control system is wrong, or can not send out the understanding of the control hydraulic system, or the control system can not sense the status of the hydraulic system, naturally this is the filter press equipment can not work, even if it is very dangerous to operate reluctantly, so it is necessary to stop the work of the equipment in time.

The reason why the filter press stops working may be that the runoff channel of the equipment is blocked. When some of the flow passages in the filter press are blocked, the filter liquid can not enter the equipment or be excluded from the equipment, so that the filter press equipment will suddenly stop running and stop the flow of human liquid from the drainage outlet. In this case, even if the filter fluid contacts with the filter cloth, because there is no pressure difference, the filter separation can not occur, so at this time, the filter press will naturally stop working.

In the future, in the process of filter press work, we should try our best to avoid the occurrence of this situation and do a good job of prevention in advance.