What is the pressure filter not holding pressure?

- May 03, 2019-

The pressure-preserving filter press does not maintain pressure, and the filter press often runs out of slurry phenomenon, which has great safety hazards to the operator and has a great influence on the purity of the product.

There are many reasons for the pressure-preserving filter press that does not hold the pressure. Sometimes it is necessary to remove one by one to solve the problem. Main pumps, relief valves, cylinders or reversing valves can all cause such problems:

1. The relief valve is not properly adjusted or damaged;

2. Oil leakage inside the valve;

3. The cylinder seal is damaged;

4. Leakage outside the pipeline;

5. The electromagnetic reversing valve is not in place (generally due to this);

6. The plunger pump is damaged (the two is due to this);

7. There is no place, check the level gauge.

The filter press uses a proportional valve. The hydraulic system has a large scale problem and it is difficult to check. It must be checked step by step.

The oil is not clean, the hydraulic oil has impurities, the one-way valve core is worn out or the plunger pump is half-way, and the signal of the proportional valve is disturbed, which will cause the filter press to operate without pressure.

The cylinder O-ring generally has a normal service life of 2-3 years. Advocate the primary replacement cylinder seal.