Application Of Press Filter Antiseptic Cloth

- Apr 08, 2019-

Nowadays, with the increase of various corrosion factors, many things in our daily life begin to be classified as anticorrosive and non-anticorrosive. We all know that the filter press is anti-corrosion, but does the filter cloth of the filter press also have anti-corrosion function? The following is a brief analysis of Soviet Union and East China.


As we all know, filter cloth, as an indispensable and important part of the filter press, bears the primary responsibility for the solid-liquid separation of the filter press. The first point that the filter cloth is corroded is that it will greatly affect the filtering effect. The second point is that it needs to supply a large number of filter cloth, which increases the production cost. Today's press is basically using anti-corrosion filter cloth, then what kind of performance of anti-corrosion filter cloth?

1. Antiseptic filter cloth can resist the erosion of many chemicals.

2. The use of anticorrosive filter cloth can eliminate the bridging phenomenon caused by the interception of large particles, and at the same time, it can effectively prevent the filtration phenomenon to a certain extent.

3. The anti-corrosive filter cloth of filter press is added special substances in the process of making, which can resist the destruction of corrosive filtrate for a long time.


Although the filter cloth has anti-corrosion performance, it is not feasible to use it unreasonably, because after the filter press works for a period of time, when the filter chamber is filled with cake, it is necessary to unload the material and put the filter plate away, and then it is necessary to replace the filter cloth. So how can we reasonably replace the filter cloth without damaging its performance?

1. When discharging material, it is necessary to maintain the filter cloth especially when discharging material with the aid of articles, because the filter cloth is always woven with fibers. It is necessary to avoid the collision of solid objects as far as possible. If discharging material with the aid of solid objects, it is easy to puncture the filter cloth, and some of the filter cloths have a layer of maintenance membrane on their surface, which will cause damage unconsciously. Once the filter cloth is damaged, it will greatly affect the filter blocking quality and filter power of the equipment.

2. The placement of filter cloth is divided into two aspects. The filter cloth should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to avoid high temperature and humid environment when it is placed in the warehouse. The key to the placement of the filter cloth on the filter press is to be fixed and flat. When replacing the filter cloth, the filter cloth should be laid flat and even on the filter board to avoid folding and stacking. Moreover, it is necessary to fix the filter cloth on the filter board and pull down the rope on the filter cloth to the designated place so as to avoid the continuous stacking of the filter cake in the filter chamber during the filtering process. In the process, the filter plates can not be sealed, which seriously affects the filtration of the equipment.