Automatic Application Of Pressure Filter In Pickles And Sterilization

(1) heating sterilization method: use heat sterilization, sterilization conditions of temperature and pressure requirements, to achieve a certain degree of heating time, due to the nature of the sterilization, sterilization container volume sizes, so time is all from the container when the required temperature is reached to start the calculation.
(2) automatic filter press filtration sterilization method: use appropriate filters through a method of automatic pressure filter filter to remove micro-organisms. This approach is mainly used for gas, water, soluble and unstable material test liquid medium, and liquid pharmaceuticals. Usually use filter membrane filter, magnetic filter, glass filter, and so on.
(3) irradiation sterilization: ① radiation sterilization, including radioactive isotopes, using γ-ray irradiation from the radiation source, which is a method of killing micro-organisms.