Belt Type Filter Press Filtration Technology Foresight

With the development of bio-engineering technology, application of membrane separation in this area will continue to grow. In the production of biological products, often need to be separated from a liquid suspension, traditional filtering methods are not up to the quality requirements of products, and the use of micro-filtration membrane separation technology, which prevents inactivation of bacterial pollution and heat-sensitive materials, and achieved effective separation of impurities and improve the quality of.
Belt filters use dynamic filtering technology in membrane separation, better able to solve the problem of conventional membrane filtration rate is not high, make wider application of membrane filter, filter will work better, such as pulp and paper industry recovered from waste water with ultrafiltration membrane fiber.
In addition, belt filter press filtration technology is also considered one of the simple and effective methods to improve filtration. It is the use of two or more filters and gradually reduce solid content or purpose of liquid viscosity to improve filtering rates. These filters can be the same type but different filter media and filter constants, can also be a combination of different types of filter together.