Cautions For Use Of Chamber Press Filter In Rainy Days

- Apr 09, 2019-

Everyone knows that the weight of the van filter press is still very heavy, and it is not easy to move it once. Some van filter presses that work outdoors for a long time will inevitably encounter rainy days. Because the change of the external environment has a great impact on the work of the van filter press, the following is to share with you what should be paid attention to when it rains.

1. Effect of ambient humidity on van filter press

When it rains, the humidity of the outside environment changes greatly. When it rains, water molecules in the air increase sharply, usually several times as much as usual. If the box filter press is working at this time, it will probably affect the control system of the box filter press, because the control system includes a large number of circuits and electronic components, as well as some very sensitive sensors.

Due to the high humidity, the short circuit of the circuit may be caused, and the sensitivity of the inductor may be reduced, resulting in slight delay in the operation of the van filter press, especially when the van filter press changes its working state. Therefore, in such a situation, we need to adapt to the operation of the box filter press, the control operation of the box filter press as far as possible to extend the time slightly.

2. Effect of ambient temperature on van filter press

When it rains, it may also be accompanied by a rapid drop in temperature. Although the general change in temperature is relatively small, about 1-4 degrees, it will also have a certain impact on the hydraulic oil in the box filter press. When the box filter press works, it will increase the temperature of the hydraulic oil. When it rains, the temperature of the hydraulic oil may return to the surrounding ring. Ambient temperature, which may affect the general sensitive parts of the hydraulic system of the box filter press can no longer adapt to such a large temperature difference of hydraulic oil in a period of time. 

If half of the hydraulic oil in the box filter press is high temperature hydraulic oil and half is low temperature hydraulic oil, the pressure of hydraulic oil may also be unstable, and the micro-vibration of hydraulic pressure will occur at high pressure. Although this phenomenon is relatively rare when it rains. But we have to consider that there will be such a problem, but also need to pay attention to. 

In summary, we should know more about the matters needing attention in the use of van filter press in rainy days, so that we must pay attention to the influence of weather on van filter press in the future use process, and make corresponding countermeasures in time, so as not to damage the van filter press and bring unnecessary losses to enterprises.