Characteristics, Performance And Advantages Of Sludge Filter Press

- Apr 29, 2019-

First, the advantages

1. The energy consumption is extremely low, and the filter cloth of the filter press is corrosion-resistant, does not degumming, and has a long service life;

2. The speed is steplessly adjustable and continuous operation;

3. Ten cylinders or eight cylinders are automatically tightened, adjusted, pressurized, easy to manage and easy to maintain.

4. High dehydration efficiency and high mud cake concentration;

Second, performance

The scientific design and reasonable layout ensure that the sludge filter press has efficient dewatering performance. The main dewatering roller adopts a strip design, which not only increases the processing capacity, but also allows the sludge to be quickly dehydrated on both sides of the filter belt, shortening the dehydration time. The progressively smaller pressure roller arrangement and the change in the contact angle of the filter belt ensure an optimal combination of pressure and shear force, thereby greatly increasing sludge concentration and dewatering efficiency.

Third, the characteristics

The tension of the filter belt is achieved by the inflated cylinder, maintaining a constant tension across the filter belt. At the same time, the tension will not be changed due to the change of the feed amount, which is convenient for operation and management. The machine has an air pressure control system that automatically detects the position of the filter belt on the pressure roller and automatically corrects the deviation.