Classification Of Sludge

- Apr 27, 2019-

1. Classification of residual activated sludge from secondary clarifier of domestic sewage plant: wastewater treatment belongs to hydrophilic, fine-grained organic sludge, which has poor compressibility and dewatering performance.


2. Classification of physicochemical sludge disposal sludge discharged from settling tank or concentration tank of waterworks: It belongs to medium-fine-grained organic-inorganic mixed sludge with general compressibility and dewatering performance of municipal wastewater treatment.


3. Physical and chemical fine-grained sludge from industrial wastewater treatment is classified as fine-grained inorganic sludge with general compressibility and dewaterability.


4. Physicochemical precipitation produced by industrial wastewater treatment sludge classification of coarse-grained industrial wastewater treatment sludge: coarse-grained hydrophobic inorganic sludge, good compressibility and dewatering performance.


5. Classification of sludge from industrial wastewater treatment by physicochemical and biochemical mixed sludge discharged from concentrator: it belongs to medium-fine-grained mixed sludge with good dewatering performance of fibrous body, and the other compressibility and dewatering performance are general.