Dewatering Application Of Filter Press

- Nov 16, 2018-

1. As a mature dewatering equipment, the filter press is widely used in the field of environmental protection and has become an important equipment for sewage sludge treatment.

2. The mechanical dewatering of sludge is mainly to remove the capillary water between the sludge particles. The water content of the sludge after ordinary mechanical dewatering is often 65%-80%, which is mud cake.

3. Mechanical dewatering equipment In the past, there were mainly belt filter presses, plate and frame filter presses and decanter centrifuges. Currently, van filter presses, vertical hydraulic filter presses, diaphragm machines and high pressure plate frame machines are commonly used.

4. When sludge is used for landfilling, sludge dewatering can greatly reduce sludge accumulation site and save costs incurred during transportation. When composting sludge, sludge dewatering can ensure composting smoothly (in the process of composting) Generally, sludge has a lower moisture content. If sludge incineration is carried out and centralized treatment, the high sludge dewatering rate can greatly reduce heat energy consumption and reduce the cost of hazardous materials disposal.

5, however, the sludge composition is complex, the relative density is small, the particles are fine, and often the colloidal state, which determines its characteristics of not easy to dehydrate, so so far. In addition to the ultra-high pressure vertical hydraulic filter press, the other filter presses increase the drying process to reduce the residual oil (liquid) rate.