Differences Between Diaphragm Filter Press And Plate-frame Filter Press

- Apr 15, 2019-

1. The structure of filter plate is different. The filter chamber of plate and frame filter press is composed of two kinds of filter plates, one solid filter plate and one frame filter plate. Two different types of filter plates are used in the diaphragm filter press, one is solid filter plate and the other is hollow filter plate. The frame filter plate is like four strips encircling the city, while the hollow filter plate is forged by two layers, forming a large space in the center of the filter plate, that is, the hollow filter plate.


2. The composition of the filter chamber is different. The filter chamber of plate-and-frame filter press needs two solid filter boards with a frame filter board. The diaphragm filter press uses a solid filter board and a hollow filter board.


3. Different styles of filter cloth. Two pieces of filter cloth are selected for the diaphragm filter press, and the center is connected. The artificial lawn forms a filter cloth monomer. The filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press is a square filter cloth. The shape of the filter cloth is completely different from that of the previous two kinds of equipment. The filter cloth of the diaphragm filter press is wrapped, and one layer between the two layers passes through a small hole in the center of the filter plate and then unfolds horizontally to wrap the filter plate. The plate and frame filter press can be directly placed between the filter plates.


4. The filter plate used in the diaphragm press is double-sided with diaphragm cavity. The distance between the diaphragm filter plate and the shape of the filter plate is arranged to form a certain volume of filter chambers. When the material is filtered, a certain pressure gas (liquid) is written into the diaphragm manufacturer's cavity to make the diaphragm bulge up and spin the filter cake in reverse to achieve the intention of reducing the moisture content of the filter cake. Compared with the filter plate of the frame filter press, the diaphragm filter plate has two movable filters: the diaphragm. When the press medium (such as compressed air) is put into the back side of the diaphragm, these movable diaphragms will bulge towards the direction of the filter chamber, that is to say, the filter cake will be kneaded under high pressure again after the end of the filtration process. The water content of the cake can be 10-40% lower than that of the ordinary filter plate when equipped with the filter technology of diaphragm filter plate. Can save a lot of follow-up costs. When the filter cake is washed, the washing water can be less and the effect is better by pressing the diaphragm.