Effect Of Material Concentration And Fineness On The Work Of Press Filter

- Apr 24, 2019-

Press filter is a commonly used filter separation equipment in mining, sludge, food and other industries. There are many parameters affecting the operation of press filter when it works, and the concentration and fineness of materials are very important.


When the concentration of material is very low, the cycle feeding time is longer, because the coefficient of the feeding pump is certain, so the filter cake is accumulated on the filter cloth for a long time, which will cause sandwich cake. The state of the filter cake exists in two layers and can not fall off automatically, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to the unloading work and prolong the cycle time. When the concentration of material is too high, it shortens the feeding time, but in order to cooperate with the parameters of the feeding pump, stable feeding with small flow and pressure is needed. The reason is that in the feeding process, the material first entered the filter chamber is hanging on the filter cloth, and in the later stage, the material is filtered with the former material as the filter medium. It is very difficult to filter with too high concentration, so it is necessary to filter slowly and continuously, and give the press a certain filtering time.


When the fineness of the material is relatively fine, the situation is very similar to that when the concentration of the material is low, because the material is very fine, it is easy to block the permeable hole of the filter cloth. Affect the filtering effect, so need a large pressure, large flow of filtration power to help filter. When the material is coarse, it is easier to filter. As long as the filtering time is well controlled, the size of the liquid volume and the change of the system pressure can be observed.