- Jun 28, 2019-

Its Indeed a great pleasure to inform you we will attend 16th Everything About Water and Environment Expo 2019 in New Delhi.

 EverythingAboutWater, India's leading knowledge & marketing solutions provider since 2000, after Super success of 15th EverythingAboutWater Expo 2018 & past editions of exclusive ‘ India WaterExpo Chennai ,Ahmedabad & Hyderabad, now proudly announces the 16th Everything About Water and Environment Expo 2019 in New Delhi, This upcoming event is the perfect platform for water & wastewater companies  to showcase and exhibit our products and expertise to all the top and middle level Indian and international companies under one roof. 16th Everything About Water and Environment Expo 2019 in New Delhi.

EVERYTHING ABOUT WATER is India's emerging international water technology and wastewater treatment exhibition, hosted by EAWater, which was held in 2004 and is held once a year. The exhibition is held annually in major cities in India. It is held in the representative cities of India, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, and Abu Dhabard. It is also co-organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and received the Indian Water Industry Association and the Indian Environmental Association. With the strong support of the Indian Desalination Industry Association, it is now a large-scale professional water show in South Asia.

Professionalism: The exhibition covers professional products such as production technology, tools, accessories and raw materials for water treatment. The New Delhi Water Treatment Exhibition is a good time for Chinese companies to expand their water treatment markets in South China and West Asia. It is also an excellent exchange for leading figures in the industry to introduce pioneering technology, discuss policies and propose solutions.

Strong attraction: In 2018, there were 202 exhibitors from all over the world, including China, Canada, Israel, Denmark and other countries and regions. The exhibition was hot and successful, and the Chinese water treatment companies received Indian customers. With wide attention, the atmosphere of each Chinese exhibitor booth was lively, and Chinese exhibitors became the winners of this year's India Water Show.

Market Background: The challenges facing the Indian water sector are due to increased water and water loss in cities, waterborne diseases, industrial growth, political and regulatory disputes, water cycle imbalances, increased irrigation and agricultural demand, and inadequate technology. The country lacks long-term planning for water demand management, wastewater recycling, and water conservation. Improving India's current water and wastewater management practices is imminent. With the rapid development of China in recent years, environmental protection issues have become more serious. Chinese companies should respond to national policies and pay attention to environmental issues. At the same time, India's hidden huge environmental protection products market is another business opportunity for Chinese companies.


10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Aug 29 - Aug 31) (Business)