- Jul 12, 2019-

Exhibit range for VIETWATER HANOI

1. Water treatment technology and equipment for life, industry and city; water supply and drainage technology and equipment for living, industrial and construction, various water supply and drainage systems

2. Membrane and membrane separation technology and equipment; sewage treatment technology, water treatment chemicals, filter materials and ancillary equipment; water-saving and wastewater resource utilization technology and equipment;

3, water quality, water resources testing, analysis, monitoring equipment and equipment, water meters; household, commercial water purifiers, water technology and equipment, pure water, distilled water, mineral water and other manufacturing technologies and products

4, all kinds of valves, pumps, seals, frequency conversion water supply equipment, water tanks, vibration isolation and vibration isolation equipment; all kinds of pipes, pipe fittings, pipe network testing facilities

5. All kinds of water supply and drainage products production machinery, water disinfection equipment, etc.;

6, all kinds of hot water equipment, heat exchangers, solar water heaters, boilers, insulation materials, bathrooms and floor heating systems

7. Waterscape, fountain, sprinkler, nozzle and control equipment, lighting equipment