Filter Cloth Burning Pressure Treatment

1, burning pressure treatment

Burning equipment, Filter Cloth the treatment of acupuncture felt filter material single-sided and double-sided with common singeing and calendering treatment unparalleled advantages, not only improve the filter material cleaning performance, but also to meet the fine dust collection.

2, Anti-Static treatment

Some of the dust in a specific concentration state, in the event of Sparks burning.

Therefore, for inflammable and explosive dust should be selected by anti-static treatment of needle felt filter material. Antistatic filter material refers to the mixing of conductive fiber in the filter material, Filter Cloth so that the whole filter material has conductive properties.

3. Waterproof and oil-resistant treatment

For the use of carbon fluoride resin and PTFE impregnation treatment of the needle felt filter, it is easier to trap dust on the surface of wet-containing gas (especially for absorbent and hygroscopic dust), and to avoid and reduce the occurrence of the pasting bag phenomenon.

4, easy to clean ash treatment

The use of patented technology for the production of easy to clear ash needle felt filter material itself dense and breathable, with good cleaning performance, Filter Cloth and can be at a high filtration speed of long time work.

5, Impregnation Treatment

The principle of impregnation: The general principle is that the liquid (active component) is infiltrated into the gap inside the carrier through capillary pressure, but the internal and external pressure difference is also a factor of the active component entering if the vacuum is used.

6, coating

For protection, insulation, decorative and other purposes, coated in metal, fabric, plastic and other substrates on the plastic thin layer. Coating can be gaseous, liquid, solid, Filter Cloth usually according to the need to spray the substrate to determine the type and status of paint.

1. Physical properties: Temperature 80-100 Shan, instantaneous temperature of up to 130 Shan

2. Chemical properties: Strong acid Weak base

3. Polyester Filter Bag classification

Cement Mill: Ordinary polyester needle felt, Filter Cloth polyester easy to clear ash needle felt (smoothness is better than ordinary, than the film is poor), waterproof oil-resistant needle felt (that is 2 anti/anti-dew needle felt), polyester coated needle felt;

Coal Mill: Polyester anti-static needle felt, Filter Cloth polyester blended anti-static needle felt, polyester three needle felt (waterproof and anti-oil anti-static), polyester three coated needle felt, polyester mixed-guide waterproof and oil-resistant needle felt, polyester mixed-guide coated needle felt;

Mixing: conductive fiber smashing with other fibers, mixed guide anti-static effect is good

4. Laminating and Ordinary Difference

Common: Fiber inner layer filtration, dust into the interior, easy to block, short service life

Laminating: Surface filtration, surface dirty, Filter Cloth internal clean, advantages: high filtration precision, smooth and easy to clear gray, waterproof oil and corrosion protection, long service life, additional: Province Labor, save time, power, disadvantage: poor permeability; the thicker the air, the better the film.

5. Post treatment: singeing, calendering, PTFE impregnation (corrosion-resistant strengthening), heat stereotypes (to make the temperature better)

6. The weight of the cloth: per square meter, such as 500, thickness of 1. $number. 7mm; 550, thickness 1.7-1.8mm, high filtration precision, good dust removal effect, Filter Cloth small air permeability but does not affect the production